Performance Evaluations of Blast Cleaning Abrasives KTA Project No. 360679-1

In accordance with KTA-Tator, Inc. (KTA) Proposal No. PN167125-R1 and subsequent signed Authorization to Proceed dated September 20, 2016, KTA has completed performance testing of six abrasive blast cleaning materials (copper slag and coal slag). This report describes the testing procedures employed and contains the test results.


The performance characteristics of six abrasives were independently assessed by KTA. These characteristics included cleaning and consumption rates, surface profile generation, and chloride, sulfate, and nitrate testing of the steel surfaces (pre & post blast). The abrasive media was also tested for chlorides, sulfates, and nitrates. The table below contains the average determinations of the performance tests. The chloride, sulfate, and nitrate testing results and averages are appended.

Click here for Test Result Document

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