The primary business of Minerals Research, Inc. (MRI) is the mining, processing and marketing of iron silicate products from its plant in Cottonwood, Arizona.

Its primary products are air blasting abrasives under the name SHARPSHOT®.  MRI also produces slurry blasting abrasives, underwater waterjet cutting abrasives, roofing granules, roofing backing sands, cement additives, road and roof asphalt fillers and aggregates.

MRI serves primarily the southwest and west coast of the United States, but also has distributors and customers in the midwest, the U.S. Gulf, Mexico and the northwest.

Key Personnel:​


Sales Manager


Cell: 520-837-9289



Customer Service & Logistics
Tel: 520-748-9362 (ext. 204); Direct Dial: 520-838-0949

Fax: 520-748-9364

Cell: 520-465-5895

MR&R is a member of the following organizations:

  • SSPC (Steel Structures Painting Council)





  • NACE (National Association of Corrosion Engineers)


  • AMA (Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association)


    MRI is a member of:










​       MRI's spent abrasives  are safe for recycling applications.
Universal Minerals Kentucky, Inc.

MRI's sister company, Universal Minerals Kentucky, Inc. (UMKI) owns and operates an industrial minerals processing facility located in Louisville, Kentucky. The UMKI facility is located within the Jefferson Riverport complex at Mile 618 of the Ohio River and offers custom toll processing services including drying, screening, blending, packaging, trans-loading and storage.   Bulk and packaged materials can be handled in and out via truck, rail, barge and container.  In addition, UMKI manufactures and distributes SHARPSHOT®XL Abrasives, which are premium quality iron silicate air-blasting abrasives. 

SHARPSHOT®XL Abrasives are available in bulk, bulk bags, and paper bags. UMKI is an authorized blender of BLASTOX® for surface preparation jobs involving lead-based coatings.

Louisville Plant Manager  

Brett Dietrich

Tel: 502-933-1932 or



4620 S. Coach Drive

Tucson, Arizona 85714, USA

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