SHARPSHOT® has been a proven blasting abrasive and roofing granule for over 25 years. It is an air-cooled and crushed iron silicate product. Our cooling and crushing process creates a sub-angular, black (dull, not glassy), hard, cubical, durable granule and an aggressive abrasive.

SHARPSHOT® applications include:

blasting removal of paint and rust from ships, bridges, tanks, etc.; subsea waterjet cutting (e.g., abandonment and decommissioning); light paint and rust removal in new construction surface preparation; antique restoration; automobile body paint and rust removal; plastic and wood surface preparation; felt and polyester roll roofing; tab roofing shingles; weighting for artifical turf, and dense concrete used for nuclear shielding; filler in the manufacture of synthetic marble and granite countertops (black); aggregate for architectural concrete walls and sidewalks; in road applications as a base aggregate in fiber mat roads, for non-skid overlays, and for removal of old stripes and lines on highway or parking lot surfaces.

SHARPSHOT® spent abrasives are recycled for use in the manufacture of Portland cement; and SHARPSHOT®, blended with  BLASTOX®, can render lead paint non-toxic.



12x30 (X-COARSE)

Heavy duty X-Coarse size for the removal of layers of old paint and rust from ships, bridges, tanks, etc. This X-Coarse sizing typically - with properly working equipment - produces a 4.5-5.5 mil profile.

20x50 (COARSE)

Coarse size for general purpose blasting jobs. This Coarse sizing typically  - with properly working equipment -produces a 3.5-4.0 mil profile.This is also the preferred size for underwater waterjet cutting applications.


30x60 (MEDIUM)

Medium grade for lightly corroded coatings and new steel. This Medium sizing typically - with properly working equipment -produces a profile of less than 2.0 - 3.0 mil.


40x120 (FINE)

A Fine grade abrasive for use on carpet, plastic and wood. This product  is often used for antique restoration and cars. This fine sizing typically - with properly working equipment - produces a profile of less than 1.5 mil.

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GSF (Filler)


MRI's  SHARPSHOT® GSF filler (photo: left) and SHARPSHOT® aggregates  are quickly becoming the industry standard for the full range of asphalt road projects: sealcoating; slurry seals; chip sealing; Type I; Type II; and Type III aggregates.


All SHARPSHOT® products are available as follows:​

BULK (in pneumatic blower trucks, bottom drop hopper trucks, rear dump trucks, tandems​, or rail cars)
BULK BAGS (3,000 lb. and 4,000 lb.)
75 lb. BAGS

50 lb. BAGS NEW!

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​Premium Iron Silicate Abrasives and Aggregates


SHARPSHOT® premium iron silicate concrete fillers for repairs, concrete fillers for cracks, concrete fillers, for driveways, concrete fillers for roads, pre-cast concrete fillers

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